Albany, NY-- Ret. State Sen. Spano gets A++ response from NY legislators to accept GREEN TESTING of new eco-friendly upgrades from conventional toxic materials.
NYC- Going Green by the Truckload: Local Hauling company reinforces EPA Smartway's message of an emission-free highway.

Al Gore Keynotes for USGBC in The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo: November 11-13, 2009: Phoenix, AZ


If you have a genuinely Green business - one that's founded under ecologically conscious objectives, we would love to hear from you! EcoSmart News publishes such companies online in our brand new web-magazine and through our entire network of publishing outlets. We seek news entries and stories from your eco-smart business spotlighting initiatives that truly support sustainable living and global healing in some way.

With the many non-green conglomerates from giant industries that seem to hold the upper hand in media with their large advertising dollars, lobbyists and celebrity promoters, EcoSmart News aims to offset the battle by bringing media exposure and support to the conscience-driven good guys. Also, our publishers, writers and media professionals understand that getting the word out about you through professional publicity services may be quite costly and may prove unaffordable for many, but if you're GREEN, you belong in the news... and EcoSmart News is here to help.

Meet our co-publisher, Melanie MacKenzie in talk radio WVOX "Good Morning Westchester" - speaking about the "Green" movement and the idea behind EcoSmart News

Submission Requirements:
•• Send a cover letter describing your green business to editor(at)ecosmartnews.com. Express your goals for"going green" and let us know WHY you chose this path of business.

•• Include any green organizations which you belong to. Also include any links to recent press coverage (if any).

•• Send press releases and professionally written articles about you, your green business, an event or a current initiative(s) - let it be political, industrial or community-based.

•• No product or company promotions or brochure content please

•• Educational and public awareness angles preferred

•• We welcome html links, YouTube published links, photos and content in the form of PDF's.

If we select your article for publishing, you will be notified immediately by phone or by email by someone in our editorial staff. EcoSmart News and its staff reserves the right to review, publish, edit, revise or decline any and all submissions.



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