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By: Cristina Natale and Leonard M. Goetz

1460am WVOX Radio Broadcast Interview of All-Green Trucking plus phone interview with VOLVO TRUCKS of North America-- Host Bob Marrone (11/4/09)

NYC, November 5, 2009- leaders of the commercial transport business and government-run health agencies are revving up for the 2010 launch of the "no more smog" movement. Engineers pressed to develop the revolutionary clean-engine technology to align with the EPA initiatives to rid all toxic emissions and airborne pollutants caused by highway trucking.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that “millions of tons of toxic pollutants are released into the air each year—and most originate from manmade stationary and mobile sources such as trucks and cars.” Extensive evidence links these same pollutants to the predominantly high rate of health issues within the proximity of commercial roadways.

2010 will mark the year of absolute Eco-Consciousness for the trucking industry- slating the mobilization of truck engine builders toward clean-air technology standards. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presses the deadline to the manufacturing and sales of pollutant-emitting truck engines and establishing the beginning of a new era of cleaner highways. These standards apply to new engines, but EPA also works with the freight industry to clean up the existing diesel fleet.

"This recovery funding will help jumpstart clean diesel innovation to significantly reduce the enormous health burdens of asthma, birth defects, and other issues linked to dirty-burning fossil fuels"
- Lisa Jackson, EPA.

The EPA SmartWay Program is an innovative collaboration between the freight industry and the government to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and strengthen the freight sector. As of October, 2009- the EPA awarded $30 million in SmartWay Clean Diesel Finance Program grants to create finance programs, such as low cost leases or revolving loan programs, to support the adoption of retrofitted vehicles and equipment. The awards are part of $300 million in Recovery Act clean diesel funding that not only promotes air quality improvement leading to the reduction in respiratory ailments and premature deaths but also bolsters an upgrade in job creation and job retention. Moreover, the clean diesel technology contributes to SmartWay's projected estimated savings of up to 6.6 billion gallons of diesel fuel per year- translating to as much as 150 million barrels of oil per year.

"An investment in clean diesel is an investment in healthier communities. This recovery funding will help jumpstart clean diesel innovation to significantly reduce the enormous health burdens of asthma, birth defects, and other issues linked to dirty-burning fossil fuels – all while creating good jobs for American workers," said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “This is part of the nationwide clean energy transition that is cleaning up the air we breathe and creating jobs all across America.”

Manufacturers and fleet owners alike are adjusting to the commitment of revamping their business models and are accepting this industry upgrade as a positive part of the inevitable wave of globalization. JP&R Superior Trucking, a New York based hauling company recently developed their ‘green’ branch called All-Green Trucking as part of their transitional course for meeting the 2010 standards- and fulfilling their own personal eco beliefs. At a Nov. 4 talk radio broadcast with WVOX, All-Green's VP Ron Amorelli expresses the market trend of no-smog engines that are making its way to his region. “ Europe has been using clean-engine technology for five years now- and we’re seeing strong evidence of the same emission-free trucks being used widely in the west coast. This is telling us something about where the industry is going.”

Where cleaner air becomes good business for the economy, so is the demand for more green businesses. “This is our chance to step up to the plate and invest in smarter living”, states John Paul Moda, managing partner of All-Green trucking. “The transition works perfectly on a conscience level and on a business level also. It’s so timely for our business because more and more of the market are now going “eco” and hauling with an eco-safe smog-free truck is definitely who they’d prefer to work with”.

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