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Boston, MA- GO-GREEN EXPO makes Boston a hot bed for Eco-Friendliness- and a central target for many green businesses.
NYC- Going Green by the Truckload: JP&R Superior Trucking supports EPA Smartway's message & promotes the new VOLVO 99% emission-free tractor to drive green movement.

Al Gore Keynotes for USGBC in The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo: November 11-13, 2009: Phoenix, AZ




By: Cristina Natale and Leonard M. Goetz

John Paul Moda, managing partner of JP&R Superior Trucking drives one of his “big rigs” en route to an excavation site in College Point, NY.

“This is not just a phase- with our planet the way it is and our government finally in tune -- there’s no turning back from going green,”- states John Paul Moda, president of JP&R Superior Trucking. Having witnessed firsthand the trucking industry’s sizeable contribution to global warming and environmental erosion, Moda takes the initiative to kick start the green movement in his industry.

John Paul Moda, a native Queens resident opened the doors of JP&R Superior Trucking in 2007 with partner and cousin, Renaldo Amorelli- after a professional history as an industrial hauler and a logistics foreman. This gave him the complete view of America’s dependency to the trucking industry and the direct parallel to the future of our nation’s commerce. It is also here that he sees the tremendous impact that generations of gaseous emissions and VOC pollutants from big trucks have had on our overall ecosystem.

Moda attributes the success of the entire green movement to a re-education effort. His first initiative in joining the fight was aligning his company with a select number of GREEN business organizations as well as the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership program- an innovative collaboration between EPA and the freight sector designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, and improve energy security. SmartWay provides innovative cost saving strategies for trucking companies to implement. Working together, SmartWay Transport Partners can incorporate various strategies and technologies to achieve clean air goals. The extensive line of data uncovered from his membership empowered his eco-mission to take flight once he found the organization reportedly prevented the release of approximately 2.5 million tons of CO2, 12,000 tons of NO2, over 550 tons of particulate matter and 225 million gallons of diesel fuel in its first year alone.“Joining SmartWay and orgs like them target a win-win for everyone- the planet and the business …think about having a much cleaner truck that’s less harmful to the environment and one that’s more fuel efficient - what’s not to love!”

Going green is not an overnight epiphany for Moda- but this year’s business travels have all led him to the same road. Having attended the GO-GREEN Expo (2008) and the Green Buildings Expo at the Jacob Javits Center, June 2009, Moda personally met and exchanged with thousands of manufacturers, product distributors and fellow industrial services who have all upgraded their standards to meet the green challenge. From recyclable to sustainable, non-toxic to cost-efficient- the concept is well-defined by its focus on a secondary advantage toward the environment or satisfying a higher level of human ethics.

The trend of educating businesses to take part in what Moda calls “conscientious practices“ is seen in practically all industries where the term ‘going green’ is a multi-stage program that greatly appeals to the service industries. Dario Amicucci, head of Cold Mix Manufacturing and the nation’s top producers of the first recyclable, sustainable and non-toxic cold asphalt (called GreenPatch) inspired Moda to step up to eco-friendliness by introducing him to the Green Energy Council and the Green Building Council. “NY road repair is known to dump about 240,000 gallons of diesel oil into the soil and storm drains each year- once you get facts like that, this is when your conscience and alternative solutions will push to redesign your business model”.

Emily Erceg, a spokesperson for B&H Restoration- a local masonry company describes her father’s business as ‘green before it all went green’. “Our family came from Eastern Europe- where recycling and optimizing the use of our resources is common sense and a way of life-- it’s great that all these businesses are being more conscious but I hope everyone sticks with it for the right reasons.”

In the spring of 2009, Moda officially incorporated ALL-GREEN TRANSPORTATION- a branch of his current trucking company that completely embraces the green business model. The benchmark of this business transition is the purchase of the newly engineered emission-reduced heavy-duty truck by Volvo Trucks, NA- currently in limited quantity and of highest demand nationwide. Known as the SCR (or Selective Catalytic Reduction) system, this revolutionary technology rolls out on the market as of early 2010 and promises a proven near-zero emissions in compliance with the emission legislation guidelines of the Federal EPA.

According to Ed Saxman, product manager-powertrain for Volvo Trucks, this highly complex after-treatment filtration technology ensures "no more black smoke whatsoever- no more diesel odor" and adds "you could hold a handkerchief over the exhaust of one of these new trucks, gun the engine and then snif the handkerchief that stays pure white... there's no diesel fuel smell whatsoever!".

With this new branch of JP&R’s service line, Moda is prepared to fulfill the service compliances of future green clients- and on a political scale, awaken the entire trucking industry into eco-aware initiatives as a pioneer of “the better way”.

For further information on the Volvo EPA2010 Technology, click this link to visit the VOLVO TRUCKS website.


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