Ronkonkoma, NY- L.I. Printing Plant Reverses Toxic Rap & Biz Downturn with Sustainable Initiatives

The USEPA & Truck Industry partners in CLEAN DIESEL initiative. NY Commercial transporters like All-Green Trucking are on board for the 2010 launch of the "no more smog" technology to battle the urban health issues caused by toxic emissions from highway trucking." 2010 will mark the year of absolute Eco-Consciousness for the trucking industry- slating the mobilization of truck engine builders toward clean-air technology standards. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presses the deadline to the manufacturing and sales of pollutant-emitting truck engines and establishing the beginning of a new era of cleaner highways. These standards apply to new engines, but EPA also works with the freight industry to clean up the existing diesel fleet.


To give is a very GREEN thing!
We associate eco-smarts with environmental concsciousness, but we often forget that reconditioning the world includes uniting the people in it. To give, to share, to help and to heal are vital elements the constructive mentaility that drives the global community toward conscious leadership. EcoSmart News recognizes the great work of the teamwork and vision behind NYC's own CITY SANTA, a 9 year old not-for-profit charity organization collecting, wrapping and delivering presents to the many needy children of NY. City Santa supports the good principles behind efforts such as "Operation Santa"- the by the U.S. Postal Service . Spearheaded by Theresa Drescher and Michael Cleef, this budding young Christmas relief program is earning major points with other city organizations with plans for more widespread initiatives. For more info, log on to: CITYSANTA.ORG or call 212-614-3239. (see press release)


Institute for Green Business Certification, Inc. (IGBC) has reduced its “Carbon Footprint” by more than 45% by changing its method of operation which decreased operational expenses by 42%. This move is not only good for the environment but in the future will allow for a major reduction in the cost of a business becoming a “Certified Green Business”. Discover all the advantages, of becoming a “Certified Green Business” as we pass the savings on to our future clients. (more)

GoEco™ is one of the latest in the local fight to bring sustainable Hybrid transport solutions to the municipal front. See video.
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